Digital Printing Services

digital printing


Digital Printing

We also provide  Digital Printing Services, exclusively for professionals. All shapes and sizes and with various types of support such as:

Wallpaper - Wallpaper 3rd Generation, customizable to match your wall.

Walltex - Printing on fabric ultra resistant, adhesive and 100% waterproof.

Floorphoto - floor coating, adhesive and very resistant.

Ledbox - Light Box-art LED technology with low-power, printing on fabric.

Wallphoto - Photography Backdrop, photographic paper and adhesive laminated on PVC plates of 2mm - maximum height of 3 meters.

Dibond - Photography Dibond 2mm glued on material used in photographic exhibitions, with removal of 3 cm from the wall, the maximum extent without overlapping image width 1.5 m length 3m.

Canvas - Printing on canvas of high quality - thickness 3 or 4 cm.

FaceMount - Photography fixed between two acrylic - plexiglass - with or without borders. Fixed to the wall structure with 3cm thick - not visible. Maximum size: width 1m, with 1.50 m

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