About Us

emolduramento artístico

Our company had its beginnings back in the 70's, more precisely, in 1979, when one of the current managing partners set himself up as a sole trader. At the time, the company was situated in Rua Vera Cruz, in Candal, Vila Nova de Gaia, at whose location it developed its activity from 1979 to 1994. Its was subsequently headquartered at the present new premises situated in Rua Dr. Ribeiro Magalhães, in the parish of Santa Marinha, Vila Nova de Gaia. 

The actual company with its present name emerged in 1982, after having changed from a sole proprietorship to a limited liability company.

From amongst our products, we highlight the framings, the marketing of frames, paintings, mirrors, photo frames and several other articles (for example, triptychs, alter-pieces, engravings, oil paintings, decorative items).

We also provide digital printing works in any size and shape. To know more about this service please contact us.

Accordingly, from the time of its emergence until now, the company diversified and broadened its range of marketable products as well as markets covered. We currently import materials, namely, frames and prints from Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, France and Canada. We sell to all countries, including Madeira and the Azores, as well as abroad, especially to Germany, France and Spain. We have also exported to Ireland, Chile and to Saudi Arabia

Besides our usual market of retailers of decorative articles, we also have various plastic artists, art houses, hotels and tourist as customers. We were also the suppliers of frames and photograph frames for the Expo'98 World Exhibition. 

Rodrigues & Proença, Lda has been asserting itself in the market for decorative articles and it took on a preponderant share at the level of photo frames. Furthermore, it is a well-established manufacturer in this field. 

We were innovative when modern, post-modern and vanguard styled paintings were introduced into our country along with new and budding styles of furniture and decoration generally. Over and above this, we were pioneers in the manufacture and marketing of photograph frames made of wood. Similarly, we are able to reproduce any work whatsoever (such as drawings, photographs, etc.) into oil paintings.