The History of Rodrigues & Proença

História da Empresa ROPRO

The Rodrigues & Proença continues to assert itself in the market for decorative items and took a dominant share in the Tables with Applications craft, continually creating original models with materials that nature gives us (shells, stones, branches, leaves , flowers, etc..), among other materials, a manufacturer so strongly implanted in this branch.

Among our products, there are framed, the sale of frames, tables, mirrors, door-photo, multi-photos and various other articles (eg, pictures, posters, paintings, decorative pieces, displays, trays, etc. .).

Thus, since its appearance today, the company has been diversifying and expanding its range of marketable products and the markets covered.

Currently, imported materials, including frames and prints, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, France and Canada, and sold to Portugal, including the islands of Madeira and the Azores, as well as abroad: Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Ireland, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Kuwait, Chile, arriving also to export to Bahrain, to Dubai and to Saudi Arabia.

Beyond our usual market, which will be the retailers of decorative articles, we have even more customers as visual artists and the art houses, hotels and tourist resorts.

We, too, suppliers of door-frames and photos of the World Exposition Expo'98.

Thus, the history of Rodrigues & Proença, Ltd was the last thirty years of growing success and affirmation in the market.

Fully expect to continue to serve and love the art of decorating.